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Healing Light SA is a Non Profit has been established for the sole purpose of raising funds in order to provide treatment to those battling with Alcohol, Drug or Process Addictions. Many Treatment centres are turning families away due to the fees required to provide their services. We are here to bridge the gap.

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Our Goals

To offer the Best quality treatment solutions to all.

To provide Sustainable long term recovery services

To achieve the Highest success rate of Long Term Recovery

To Grow our donor base to the extent of providing our own rehabilitation inpatient facilities.

Your Donation could just be the 1 that saves a life


This other ‘Pandemic’ is at a stage now that everyone knows of someone that has some sort of mental health problem – this includes Addictive behaviour as it is a disease that causes more deaths every day than Flu / Covid / Cancer / Heart disease all put together !!!

This company shall not deduct any costs for the running of this company ( as many Charities / foundations seem to do ) from your donations and shall be used in total for the benefit of the huge number of people throughout the many different spectrums of our country’s population to combat this disease.

We have sent this brief to you, in hope that you may include us in your own or your organisation’s social responsibility budget.

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